Reach Your AudienCe Online & Track The Right KPIs For Your Business

How I Can Help You:

I help website owners to decide what aspects of their web presence need to be tracked in order to measure their business objectives and implement tailored solutions to track them.

I also make sure that their websites are as accessible as possible to search engines and appear in search results on Google and other search engines for relevant queries.

My Services:

Google Analytics Consultancy Icon

Google Analytics Consultancy

Google Analytics can be daunting. I offer consultation on how to simplify your reporting to get the insights you need.

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Google Analytics Setup

I can make sure your Google Analytics implementation is configured for your particular business goals.

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Google Analytics Audits

Bad data leads to bad decisions. A Google Analytics Audit ensures that you can trust your data.

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SEO Consultancy

You want your business to appear as high as possible for relevant queries on search engines. I can help!

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SEO Audits

SEO is about more than keywords. I will provide a comprehensive report on your site structure, content & link profile.

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SEO for Site Migrations

If you're planning a website migration or redesign, I can help you to save your hard earned organic traffic.

Featured Posts:

Multi Channel Funnel reports give you an idea of how your different marketing channels work together towards driving conversions or sales on your website.

With the upcoming general election in February just announced, here’s an SEO comparison of the websites of Ireland’s two main political parties – Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

Age & Gender data can assist in the development of personas & judging the value of different user types. But how exactly does Google know this information?

Who I've worked with:

Are you tracking the right metrics on your website?

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