About Me

My name is Darren McManus. I’m an experienced Google Analytics and SEO consultant, based in Galway.

My Background

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant with a focus on what I consider to be the two foundations of Digital Marketing – Analytics and SEO. I have over 6 years experience working with top Irish organisations across all sectors on digital marketing, web analytics and SEO. 

I initially worked for 2 years in-house as a Digital Marketing Executive with one of Ireland’s biggest and most trusted brands, Dublin Airport, where I was responsible for digital marketing and web analytics.

More recently, I have 4 years experience working with one of Ireland’s leading digital agencies, Arekibo, during which time I collaborated on web analytics measurement strategies, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics implementations and award-winning Search Engine Optimisation strategies with some of Ireland and the UK’s most recognisable businesses.

Over the past year I’ve moved back West to my home county of Galway and made the move to freelancing with a focus on assisting businesses in Connacht in getting on the Digital Marketing ladder. I’m doing this through focusing on the two fundamental building blocks for all good long term digital marketing strategies:

  1. Ensuring that their websites are found online by users looking for their goods or services (through Search Engine Optimisation)
  2. Understanding whether their website is working for them in terms of meeting their business objectives (through Web Analytics Measurement Strategies and Implementation)

Why work with me?

Unlike many digital marketing consultants, I don’t try to offer all the digital marketing services under the sun. I have broad experience and understanding of all aspects of digital marketing but in terms of the services I offer, I stick to my 2 areas of expertise – SEO and Web Analytics – and dedicate my time to keeping up to date and mastering the latest updates and trends in those 2 specific niches, rather than attempting to cover all bases.

I don’t outsource or delegate any work. I work on a project by project basis and guarantee that I will personally undertake your Analytics or SEO project from start to finish myself. This is not a guarantee you will get from many other consultants or agencies where very often the senior team does the pitch and hands over the implementation to junior teams or outsources some aspects of the work.

I’ve got over 5 years experience working on SEO and Web Analytics projects both in-house and agency side. I’ve worked with countless different organisations of all sizes across all industries using all different kinds of content management systems and platforms. 

All SEO and Analytics projects are different so I don’t offer a set menu of prices for my services. I do, however, provide detailed estimates for work (free of charge) on a projected time and materials basis. I charge a 50% fee upfront and the remainder on completion. If I spend less time than estimated on your project, I’ll only charge you for that amount on completion, not the full initial estimate, and I’ll never charge for additional time where initial requirements haven’t changed.

Do you want to improve your websites visibility or tracking?

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