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What’s The Point of Google Analytics Audits?

I’ve reviewed and worked on a lot of Google Analytics implementations, and believe it or not, the vast majority of them have been broken or mis-configured in some way.

I’ve seen Google Analytics accounts where up to half of the websites pages were not being tracked, where all pages were counted twice, where data from UAT and staging sites have been included in the live website reports, where spam traffic made up 25% of overall traffic recorded, where ghost e-commerce transactions were causing vast over-reporting of revenue and conversion rates… the list goes on!

Bad Data = Bad Decisions

…and unfortunately many (if not most) organisations are spending loads and loads of time and resources reporting on bad data, and basing important business decisions on it.

I have designed a Google Analytics Audit to give your business the peace of mind that your data is clean, your account is configured optimally and you are getting real data and insights that you can trust.

I do this by testing your account against a checklist of 25 key points, scoring it out of 100, and recommending optimisations and fixes to improve the quality of your data, and ultimately your decisions.

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