Google Analytics Setup & Configuration

Google Analytics Setup and Configuration

My Approach To Google Analytics Implementation​

Analytics and tracking requirements will be different for every organisation, depending on factors like company type, sector and internal objectives. For this reason, simply implementing a standard out-of-the-box configuration of Google Analytics will not really delver much value to your organisation.​

I work with closely with clients to fully understand their business goals and then develop analytics implementations that reflects these goals and allows us to measure and report on them.​

Collaboration and client input are crucial to developing a Google Analytics Measurement Plan, following which I leverage Google Tag Manager to implement a customised Google Analytics setup to measure and report on each individual clients’ specific goals. This ensures that the data is genuine and insights are actionable.

Standard Google Analytics Tracking

  • Geography and Language
  • Traffic Source
  • Browser Technology
  • Page Load Speed
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Basic Goal Completions (if configured)

Custom Tracking via Google Tag Manager

  • Downloads
  • Video Plays
  • Scroll Depth
  • Button Clicks
  • Form Submissions
  • Widget Interactions
  • …And Almost Any User Interaction On Your Site…

Download your free Google Analytics Measurement Template here, and get in touch via the form below if you’d like to discuss your Google Analytics implementation.

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