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Not All SEO Audits Are Created Equal!

An SEO Audit is much more than a checklist or a list of to-do items churned out by some automated tool. I use a range of different SEO tools to identify issues with:

  • Technical SEO (e.g. crawl-ability, site structure, etc.)
  • Content (e.g. missing meta titles, duplicate meta descriptions, duplicate content, etc.)
  • Site Authority (e.g. inbound link opportunities, spammy links which negatively affect SEO, etc.)

More importantly, I outline a list of prioritised actions or “fixes” based on your specific technical constraints and business requirements.

I’ve had clients come to me for a second opinion on “SEO Audits” that have simply been an automated output of actions by a generic site crawling tool without taking into account the context of the website or business being audited. Blindly following these checklists can be a costly mistake – the reality is that SEO cannot be automated. “Fixing” one SEO issue identified by these automated audits may create a new one or may conflict with another more important business or technical requirement. 


I take the time to apply context to SEO audit findings and work with your content, development and hosting teams to improve SEO performance without compromising other goals. 

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You can read more about my approach to SEO here.

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